Fight Fatigue Naturally with TCM

Modern life is busy and most people feel tired or exhausted at least some of the time. Usually, going to bed a bit earlier and focusing on eating well are enough to get you back on track. If you’re still feeling flat, a course of Chinese medicine treatment can restore your vitality.

Rather than a quick fix or a short-lived energy boost, treatments are aimed at re-establishing the natural balance of your body.   In particular, a course of treatment can help to promote –

~ deeper and more restorative sleep

~ a happy and harmonious digestive system

~ a calm nervous system, helping you banish anxiety and worry

~ balanced hormones

Prolonged fatigue with pain, poor concentration and low immune function may indicate a deeper imbalance such as chronic fatigue syndrome or adrenal fatigue. As a practitioner, I analyze your symptoms to determine the source of imbalance in your body, designing an individualized treatment plan to help your body to heal itself.