Treatment and Fees

In Traditional Chinese medicine theory, ill health reflects an underlying imbalance in the body as a whole. During your treatment I work to understand this imbalance by asking detailed questions about all aspects of your health and lifestyle to gain a holistic picture of your symptoms.

Consultations usually last for 1 hour.  I only treat one person per hour to allow me to fully concentrate on you. I use the time you are relaxing during your treatment to analyse your case, formulate a plan for future treatments, and dispense any herbal remedies.

Your treatment may include:


The insertion of hair-thin, sterile single use acupuncture needles into specific points in your body to restore the natural flow of energy and bring the body back into balance.


A gentle, warming technique using the herb mugwort to support the Qi of the body.


The application of glass cups to specific areas of tension in your body to invigorate the circulation and reduce pain.

Herbal Medicine

An individualised combination of premium quality granulated Chinese herbs or pre-prepared herbal capsules or pillules.

The safety of the herbal products I prescribe is paramount to my practice. The products I dispense are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and toxins at every stage of every batch.

I do not use or support the use of substances derived from endangered species.



About the Clinic

Buildings and spaces can positively or negatively impact your health. The clinic has been architecturally designed and built with non-toxic materials to support your health and wellbeing.


E0 plywood and laminate

Zero VOC paints

Natural oils and waxes

Recycled PET acoustic panels

Low VOC blinds

LED lighting

Stainless steel fixtures to eliminate exposure to lead and chromium

Foam free natural wool cushions

Plants to filter airborne toxins


If you’re trying to conceive naturally or using IUI or IVF, Chinese medicine can enhance your fertility.


Acupuncture is a gentle and safe therapy that can help maintain your vitality during pregnancy.


Chinese medicine offers a natural approach to regulate your cycle, eliminate period pain and tame PMS.


Good health starts with good digestion. Improve your gut health with Chinese medicine.

Consultation fees and payment details


1-hour consultation and treatment $85

Granulated Chinese herbal medicine 1 week supply $22.50


Cash, EFTPOS, HiCaps and credit card payments are accepted at the clinic. I am registered with most private health funds.