Fertility Support

If you’re trying to conceive naturally or using IUI or IVF, Chinese medicine can enhance your fertility.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can also assist with:

  • ~ recurrent miscarriage
  • ~ unexplained infertility
  • ~ stress and anxiety
  • ~ male factor infertility


Acupuncture is a gentle and safe therapy that can help maintain your vitality during pregnancy. 

Chinese medicine has a long tradition of use in pregnancy. I can help to:

  • ~ relieve morning sickness
  • ~ prepare for a natural birth
  • ~ correct a breech or posterior position
  • ~ gently induce labour

Women’s Health

Chinese medicine offers a natural approach to regulate your cycle, eliminate period pain and tame PMS.

Balance your hormones naturally with Chinese medicine and subdue the symptoms of:

  • ~ endometriosis
  • ~ heavy bleeding
  • ~ menstrual headaches
  • ~ vaginal pain


Good health starts with good digestion. Improve your gut health with Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine treatments can heal and harmonise your digestive system, putting an end to:

  • ~ bloating
  • ~ reflux
  • ~ constipation
  • ~ abdominal pain