Fasting this February? Feel better with Chinese Medicine

It’s Febfast time again. Holidays are definitely over, and we’ve all returned to the reality of work and school. If your holidays were a little too indulgent, chances are your body is feeling a little worse for wear. Low energy, poor skin, headaches, sluggish digestion. Do any of these sound familiar?

A lot is made of detoxing these days, and while I don’t believe its necessary to do extreme juice fasts or diets, it can be helpful to focus on cleaning up your diet occasionally, especially after the holidays or if you’ve been hitting it a bit too hard. Reducing your alcohol, sugar and caffeine intake, and increasing your fresh food intake will lighten the load and help your body regain its spring.

The Liver is an important organ in Chinese medicine theory. It ensures the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body, regulates the periods and supports healthy digestion. The Liver is also easily affected by stress and an unbalanced lifestyle that can stagnate its Qi. Stagnant Liver Qi in turn affects the functioning of the rest of the body, and can lead to other imbalances including pain, indigestion, headaches and irregular periods.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can support your Liver Qi, restoring its regular flow and supporting the proper functioning of your whole body.

Research studies have also demonstrated that acupuncture used in specific points in the ear can help reduce the anxiety and other symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal. One study found that study participants experienced increased relaxation and wellbeing, and that acupuncture also reduced drug and alcohol consumption. Acupuncture can also help if fasting for February is a problem for you. The National Acupuncture Detoxificiation Association (NADA) protocol has been used for 25 years for the treatment of addiction and to enhance mental and emotional health.

If you’re participating in Febfast, or even if you’re not, let Chinese medicine support and rejuvenate your Liver and feel better this February.