Acupuncture + Chinese medicine for Heavy Periods

Heavy periods are common, but, like with period pain, most women put up with it, thinking that it’s normal and that nothing can be done.   Natural treatments, diet and lifestyle approaches can help to stem the flow and bring things back to normal.


How do I know if my periods are “heavy”?   One medical definition is blood loss of 80mL, or periods lasting more than 7-8 days. Another method is to think about the impact your period has on your quality of life.


You may have heavy periods if:


~ You change a pad or tampon every hour or less

~ The bleeding isn’t contained in the largest size of pad or tampon

~ You change your pad overnight

~ There are clots larger than a 50c piece in your menstrual flow

~ You feel overwhelmed by your period and find it difficult to manage


Your heavy periods may be caused by an underlying problem including endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, PCOS or hormonal imbalance. For many women, an obvious cause of heavy bleeding is never found, and is referred to as dysfunctional uterine bleeding.


There are other health implications of having a heavy menstrual flow. Excessive blood loss can leave you feeling weak and tired, and lead to low iron levels. Heavy bleeding can cause anxiety and stress, and stop you fully participating in normal work and life events.


I look at your signs, symptoms, and other physical cues, stress and lifestyle factors as a whole to understand your imbalances from a Chinese medicine perspective. I formulate a plan of treatment specifically for you, to bring your system back into harmony and balance.


Don’t suffer with heavy bleeding any more. Chinese medicine is a safe, natural approach that can help keep your periods manageable, pain-free and regular.