IVF Failure - A Natural, Alternative Approach

Amy is 31 and came to see me for fertility support. Early investigations with her doctor uncovered severe endometriosis, a blocked fallopian tube and multiple adhesions, and the doctor recommended surgery and IVF. Her periods were heavy, clotted and painful. Acupuncture and herbal medicines given at this time were aimed at minimizing pain, regulating the flow of blood and reducing inflammation. Amy was also consulting a naturopath for guidance with diet and nutritional support.


Before commencing IVF stimulation, Amy underwent laparoscopic surgery to excise the adhesions and endometriomas. In preparation for IVF stimulation, acupuncture and herbs were given to support egg health, nourish the endometrial lining and encourage implantation. Two embryos were created in the first cycle, 1 was implanted and she fell pregnant, only to suffer a miscarriage at 6 weeks.  Three more IVF cycles were unsuccessful.


The financial pressure and emotional stress of IVF became too much, and Amy and her partner decided to discontinue fertility treatment. She continued with Chinese medicine and naturopathic treatment with the aim of optimizing her fertility and managing the anxiety her IVF experience had triggered. After 6 months she fell pregnant naturally, 2 years after her initial diagnosis. She is currently 6 months pregnant.


IVF has helped so many women have the families they desire, but the cost and emotional toll can be high. I have seen many women crushed by poor IVF results, frustrated and drained by the process and left feeling like their bodies have failed them. For some of these women taking a break and trying a different approach has helped them conceive babies naturally.


Chinese medicine is a balancing and supportive treatment for whatever stage of your fertility journey. It can help you reconnect with your body and take charge of your fertility. I design a treatment plan specifically for your unique circumstances, complementing and supporting other treatments, to help you get the best health outcomes.