Get a Good Nights Sleep, Boost your Immunity

If you suffer from low immunity and recurrent infections, or are struggling with a feeling of being run-down all the time, poor sleep might be the cause.    

A new research study has added to the growing body of evidence clarifying the relationship between sleep and immune function.  

Integrins help immune cells stick to their targets (eg infected cells, cancer cells).  The study found that sleep increases the activation of integrins, thereby increasing immune function.  Integrin activation was also found to be decreased by just a couple of hours of sleep loss. The researchers noted the significance of this finding given the wide number of conditions that affect how much sleep we’re getting including depression, chronic stress and shift work.  

Poor quality or difficult sleep is a common problem in clinic.  Hormonal changes including PMS and perimenopause, stress, anxiety and pain all disrupt our sleep, which in turn is having flow on effects for immunity, and overall wellness. 

Chinese medicine and acupuncture can promote healthy, restorative sleep by balancing the nervous system, regulating hormone fluctuations and calming the stress response.