Acupuncture for Restless Legs in Pregnancy

Hannah, 29, came to see me for acupuncture to help her prepare for the birth of her first baby. She was 35 weeks pregnant.


She had had an easy pregnancy, but complained of some upper back pain as well as calf cramps and restless legs. Sleep was uncomfortable and fitful, mostly due to her legs twitching.


Treatments involved acupuncture to prepare the body for labour, encourage uterine tone and soften the cervix.   Extra points were added to relax the muscles and tendons, and calm the spirit to encourage restful sleep, and a calm birth.


After her first treatment Hannah experienced a marked improvement with the restless legs, reporting no leg jerking at all. She slept well every night and was feeling rested and calm. Her upper back tension had also improved.


We continued with weekly treatments. The leg discomfort returned at times with less intensity but Hannah continued to sleep well. She went into labour spontaneously and delivered a baby boy at 40 weeks and 4 days.


Acupuncture is a wonderful, gentle treatment to help you prepare for the arrival of your baby. Many women put up with the mild discomforts at the end of pregnancy, dismissing them as normal. Acupuncture can offer relief, helping you to be more comfortable and rested in the weeks before you welcome your little one.