Regulating Heavy Periods with Chinese Medicine

A 42 year old woman came to see me for help with heavy periods.  Her periods had been heavy since the birth of her child.  She was experiencing flooding and a dragging feeling in her low abdomen and down the back of her legs for the first 2 days of her period.  She also experienced spotting at the end of her period which would continue for up to 5 days.  She had low energy and was anaemic because of the excess blood loss.

I used acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to strengthen her body and regulate her periods.  The first period after we started treatment was lighter, and with no flooding, less pain and less clotting.  I recommended that she continue to have acupuncture fortnightly and take Chinese herbs for 3 months to continue the improvement.  After a course of treatment her periods were pain free, with normal flow and no spotting.

Chinese medicine is a very effective treatment for many kinds of menstrual irregularities including period pain, light periods, irregular cycles and amenorrhoea.  In TCM, heavy, painful or clotted periods indicate a blockage of Qi and Blood in the body.  Chinese medicine works to regulate periods by restoring the correct flow of energy, unblocking stagnation and nourishing the fundamental substances of the body, Qi and Blood.

Having regular healthy periods is also important when planning a pregnancy to ensure the optimal health of the egg and uterine lining, and put you in the best position to have an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby.