Prepare for Pregnancy with Acupuncture

Planning to get pregnant is the beginning of an exciting journey! How easily it happens for you, how well you are during pregnancy and ultimately, the health of your baby depend on your health at conception. Having a look at your overall health and wellbeing will give you the best chance of conceiving naturally and ensure your body is ready to nurture your baby.


Epigenetics is a field of study that looks at factors that determine why genes are turned on or off, and how these can influence health. Emerging evidence suggests that your health before conception and during pregnancy can have an important impact on the future health of your baby. Give your child the best start in life – what better reason is there to get on top of your diet, stress levels and overall health?


A preconception treatment plan can help you be in the best possible shape for conception and pregnancy. I use Chinese medicine diagnostic techniques to look at subtle cues in your body, identifying any underlying imbalances. I then design an individual treatment for you using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.


In particular, preconception treatments focus on:


~ Optimizing egg and sperm quality

~ Enhancing fertile mucous

~ Ensuring a smooth, receptive endometrial lining

~ Balancing your hormones

~ Regulating your cycle

~ Minimizing stress and anxiety

~ Preventing miscarriage


Research has shown that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help with the symptoms of some conditions which may compromise your fertility, including period pain, irregular cycles and endometriosis.  If you are using IVF, IUI or other assisted reproductive techniques, acupuncture is clinically proven to increase the likelihood of you falling pregnant.


I have worked with many women to help them gain health and vitality – I would love to support you to achieve optimum wellness and fertility.