Morning Sickness – Feel Better with Chinese medicine

Nothing drains away the joy of early pregnancy like morning sickness. You have probably been told that it will pass naturally around the 12 week mark and to just wait it out, however, some women have symptoms right through pregnancy.  Chinese medicine is a safe and natural remedy that can help you feel better, regain your energy and get back to life.

The nausea, vomiting and icky queasy feelings early in pregnancy are thought to be caused by changing levels of hormones. Low blood sugar levels may also be to blame, which is why eating small, regular snacks can sometimes help.  Other strategies that may help include staying hydrated, drinking ginger tea and avoiding strong smells.

Chinese medicine has been used for centuries to support healthy pregnancies, is safe, natural and effective. It works by restoring the natural function of your digestive system and balancing your energy.  Most women feel better after their first treatment; I usually recommend regular visits to keep the nausea at bay, improve your appetite and help you stay active.

You don’t need to put up with feeling average – give Chinese medicine a try!