My Commitment to Giving Back

I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am in the world; safe, happy and doing what I love.  I am passionate about healthcare, and believe it is important to share my good fortune and contribute to improving the lives of others.

I have chosen to make regular donations to Fistula Foundation, an organisation that funds operations to repair obstetric fistula.

Many women in the developing world give birth without medical support. Difficult and prolonged birth can lead to obstetric fistula, a rupture between the birth canal and the rectum or bladder. Obstetric fistula can cause pain, frequent infections, and severe faecal and urinary incontinence. Women living with fistula are often shunned by their family and community.

Obstetric fistula does not heal on its own and must be surgically repaired. Fistula Foundation works to provide free fistula surgeries, support local health care workers and increase access to treatment to some of the worlds poorest women.

I am committed to supporting charitable organisations with proven positive impacts that make a significant difference. The Life You Can Save is an organisation committed to identifying and supporting highly effective charities. Fistula Foundation is listed as a Top Charity by The Life You Can Save.